Marathon Monday

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Marathon Monday

I stand on the sidelines

Watching the participants go by…

Some in special wheelchairs powered with bulging biceps

Some being pushed and pulled by friends, up and down the hills of Hopkinton, Ashland and beyond

Some unable to see and guided with directions along the 26.2 miles of roadway

Some with prosthetics, moving fast and with a mission

Some carrying flags of red white and blue upon a heavy pole resting on their shoulders

Some walking and struggling at mile one and determined to make it the entire course

And there I stand, watching, in awe of these well trained, persevering athletes who run, and move, for a cause greater than themselves

And all I can do is cheer them on and cry the occasional tear…

It’s Marathon Monday in Massachusetts.

6 Replies to “Marathon Monday”

  1. I have never watched a marathon, so it feels special to see it through your eyes. I’ve never thought about all the people you describe–I’ve only ever pictured the elite, perfect athletes. Thank you for making me think about the other people running and how powerful it must be to watch them.

  2. What a sense of unity, purpose, and goodwill you’ve captured with your words. Your being there to cheer the marathoners on is as vital as their determination to cross the finish line. “A cause greater than themselves”: I picture those waving American flags in my mind, on the anniversary of such sadness, and am in awe of the human spirit, how it overcomes, how it reaches for something higher.

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