The photo came across my my feed

Blood splattered across a statue of Jesus

The aftermath of a day of violence

So far away, yet so close to my heart.

I gasped as I saw the picture

Couldn’t look but a minute

Yet the image remains ingrained in my mind

Tearing at my heart, my soul.

Praying for all the victims

In mosques, synagogues, and other houses of worship

United by the Golden Rule

And a desire to love and live in peace.

Shattering peace on a holy Easter Sunday

And knowing it won’t be the last time

Why can’t we live in peace?


It’s Slice of Life Tuesday and I’m joining the community over at Two Writing Teachers by tagging my post. Check out the wonderful group of writers and consider joining in!

8 Replies to “Why?”

  1. Is there more hatred and violence? I just read of the awful genocide 100 years ago of the Armenians and Assyrians by the Turks. Perhaps we feel it is greater because we are all so closely connected today that what happens anywhere in the world is just outside our doorstep. Sometimes, I have to stop the continual flow, choose not to watch or read news, or I’d be crushed by it. Your post pairs with mine today.

  2. The question resonates throughout your poem. Why do those who don’t have peace in their hearts take it out on those who are trying to attain just that, instead of pursuing the same path? Why does such darkness seem to be festering even more these days? So many possible answers…

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