I’m a Believer!

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I’m a Believer!

Hey Chris, it’s Tom. I know I told you I’d pick up your art palette at the gallery today but I couldn’t.


Wellllll… someone bought it!

What? Someone bought MY piece? Really?

Yep – and you’ll get a check shortly.

I couldn’t believe it!

For five years I have entered an art palette in a contest for a local nonprofit.  My siblings and I have all participated in this event and truth be told, I grow anxious about my product each year. (read here and here and here about my experiences) My brothers and sisters are ALL extremely talented artists. I simply toy around with paint.  My works of art are ok at best, and truly not worthy of hanging next to my siblings beautiful canvases.  In all honesty, I submit a painted palette to be part of the cause.  I judge I lack the self-confidence to do or be anything better in this area. Bottom line I don’t believe in myself as an true artist, a dabbler maybe, but not an artist. 

Yet, this year someone liked my dabbling enough to purchase my palette. Having my palette sell has me looking at myself as an artist in a new light.  I judge that this anonymous person believes in me. He/she saw something in what I created and chose to write a check.  I envision my piece gracing an office wall somewhere, all without my signature no less!  You see – this little act has changed my outlook as being a painter.  This change of mindset, and the fact that some one person believes in me, has given me the encouragement to try more, to stretch in my abilities, and to seek out ways to grow in this craft.

Having someone believe in you is so important,  whether you are a painter, a reader, or an author. We all need a cheerleader to encourage us and push us to new heights. We all need someone who will push you to find that hidden talent that is deep within.  And isn’t that what our writing conferences are all about, making believers out of those who lack the confidence?  The cheerleader that finds the nugget of goodness in each piece of writing to build upon and stretch the child into greatness? The voice of kindness and understanding, digging deeper to guide the child into authordom?  That is indeed what I believe I need to do each time I meet with a young author.  My role as a teacher of writing is to make each child believe that they too can have a piece of their work purchased someday!  It’s a lofty goal, but one worthy of envisioning, and seeing to fruition.

So thank you to the anonymous buyer of my art. Not only have you encouraged me in my artly ways, you have also reminded me that we all need believers in our lives! And that we too can be a believer for someone else!

My palette artwork 2019

9 Replies to “I’m a Believer!”

  1. Congratulations. This is exciting! I hope this gives you a boost of confidence and lot of energy to continue with your art!

  2. Your work and your words are beautiful! I am so happy for you! It is truly amazing how one person’s actions can change our whole perception, isn’t it? It’s even more amazing that we each have the power to do that for someone else. Congratulations, Christine!

    1. Thanks Tracey. Yes I have been kind of hard on myself when it comes to my take on art. I need to let go of that! And cont our to give our kids another believer in them too!

  3. Here’s a line from your post: “My works of art are ok at best, and truly not worthy of hanging next to my siblings beautiful canvases.”

    Seems to me that you need to rethink this statement. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. Worthy to who? Not worthy to who? Beautiful to who?

    A huge congratulations to you, Christine. This was an important post to write. (And read, as well!)

  4. Congratulations on selling a piece of artwork!

    I understand how validating and helpful it is to get paid for one’s work. I have volunteered in various situations over the years, and people have kindly offered thanks, but I have felt that my time and work has been much more valued when people have actually paid me for it. It’s great that someone showed that they valued your artwork by purchasing it!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Since I sold my piece I have a strong inclination to replicate that piece! I am sure you will see future posts about this!

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