Draft Post Number Two

My draft was complete. I had been working on the post for about two hours and it was getting late. I felt proud of the slice I had written yet bedtime was calling. One more look before I hit the publish button. That’s when I noticed I didn’t cite the source of my clip art. I went back to the original site, copied the url address and hit paste.


Just like that my once full screen was now white space. No save button, no revision button, no history option, just empty white space. What happened to my post? Hours of writing, revising, and revising some more, gone!

I closed the post and opened the draft again. White space. I x-ed out of the window and opened up my site once more. White space. I closed all windows and opened the browser anew. White space. Each time I tried the title was in place but the space that not two minutes prior held a lovely post was now gone! An empty blank spot sat waiting to be filled.

I screamed! I shouted! I tapped angrily on the keyboard! I searched frantically for an answer and tried this solution and that idea, only to be met with that same white space. I considered recreating my writing but I was too angry to try.

So here we are friends, my new slice. Not one I had planned, not one I wanted, yet one that is filled with raw emotion and some white space.

Today is Tuesday and the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers are sharing their Slice of Life Stories. Consider joining in!

5 Replies to “Draft Post Number Two”

  1. Grrr, how frustrating! Kudos to you for recovering and writing a new slice. I am not sure I would have been able to (mind you I do not think I could ever spend two hours drafting, so you are already a way better slicer than me!). I hope the redraft comes easier.

    1. I recovered by taking out my frustration by writing about it!
      The funny part about it was that I had this wonderful idea marinating since I experienced the small moment and I was committed to doing the slice justice. I spent more time on this post than I normally do! maybe that’s why the heartache!
      I am hoping to rewrite the new slice for next week. Just too emotional to start over last night.

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