A Pair of Glasses, Harry Potter, and My TBR List

Dear Middle School Student,

I bumped into you the other day at the base of the stairs as I was rushing to a meeting. My head was down and I was focused on being on time. I glanced up and saw you with your cute glasses sitting on top of your head. I just had to comment on how they made me smile.

You said they weren’t any regular, old, glasses, rather they were spectrespecs like the ones in Harry Potter.


I listened intently as you animatedly told me all about these special googles, as well as the wondrous characters in the book. It was then I made the decision to be vulnerable and admit that I was one of the few adults remaining on the planet that had not read Harry Potter. You didn’t judge me any less, and only said “Oh you must start now! You’ll love it.”

To which I shared that I may indeed start this summer. Your enthusiastic response was “You’ll never regret it! It’s fun and creative and worth every minute!” Your words made me pause and consider adding yet another title to my ever lengthening summer reading list. Yet I knew I was now destined to experience the series, thanks to your invitation.

So thank you again dear middle school student. I now have a plan for my summer reading, having downloaded book one onto my ereader. More importantly thank you for sharing your passion for reading. You bring me hope knowing that there are still middle schoolers who will candidly share their reading life with an unsuspecting adult. Thank you for making me smile and bringing me joy with your conviction for middle school reading.


Mrs. Baldiga

5 Replies to “A Pair of Glasses, Harry Potter, and My TBR List”

  1. The moment I read “you’ll never regret it” I felt a smile beginning to form. By the end my heart was soaring because of how this student inspired you. 99% of the time we spend our days trying to inspire them. To have the situation reversed is a wonderful moment.

  2. What a lovely encounter! It really does warm the heart to hear about encounters like this with middle school students. 🙂 I hope you enjoy Harry Potter. The series is one of my very favorites.

  3. It’s always interesting to see which posts draw me in and lead me to stop by for a read. This one was irresistible! The mere mention of middle schooler, hope, and summer read meant that I had to stop by. Here’s to the start of your summer reading, inspired by that middle schooler on the stairs! “Thank you for making me smile and bringing me joy with your conviction for middle school reading.” You have to love a passionate middle school reader!

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