Painting: Process over Product

I had plans for the day: touch base with colleagues about an online project, answer a few emails, and clean / reorganize one of my kitchen cupboards. It was the first rainy day that I had no plans and I wanted to tackle a few cool weather tasks that were on my list. The time whizzed by and before long it was already one o’clock and I was just wrapping up the computer work. I was tired and frustrated that it took longer than I anticipated. I made myself lunch and while eating I decided I needed a break… ditch the cupboard cleaning project and get out the watercolor paints that I promised I’d play with this summer.

I have been playing with these paints with the grandchildren but I haven’t painted for real for a good many years so it took me a while to gather my supplies: paints, brushes, paper, water, paper towels. I set it all out on the table near my favorite window by the lake. I put on my favorite music station and let the spirit move me. I had just purchased these cool “hello” and “thank you” cards that are made to be personalized with watercolors and was eager to set off painting.

It felt good to play, to explore color, and light, and shape. It was freeing to just do it without fear of judgment. The longer I painted, the happier I felt. Before long all 12 cards were painted and I was smiling. Were they perfect? Far from it! As I sat looking at the fruits of my afternoon I couldn’t help but think of the words we tell our young writers all the time – process over product! Next time will be better!

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