What’s My Purpose? OLW

It’s the last week of August and time to shift gears again and get back to work. Time to move from sitting in a chaise lounge reading the next good book, to sitting in a meeting discussing student work. Shifting gears so quickly can be hard for me. It takes me at least two weeks to get into the slower pace that summer brings, and then two weeks to adjust to the fast pace the beginning of the school year demands. My head spins with that quick shift and I try with all my might to live in both worlds at once, clinging tight to those lazy days of summer. But that is not realistic. It’s times like this that I must recall my purpose.

My one little word this year is purpose. I chose it back in January, the calendar version of the new year. Let’s face it, January really isn’t a new year, for educators it is August. And as I look towards the closing out of another wonderful summer and shift gears into a new school year my one little word centers me yet again. What’s my purpose?

This year I vow to make my purpose to work towards joyful encounters with each person I meet. My purpose will be to bring passion to my literacy work, and finally my purpose will be to better balance work and life.

What’s your purpose?

I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers today and every Tuesday. Consider joining us!

8 Replies to “What’s My Purpose? OLW”

  1. A great idea, revisiting your OLW at our “new year”. Mine is “tend”–tending to what needs to be done, tending to my own needs. I’m trying hard, but this school year has got me spinning a bit as well!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to revisit my OLW -August is truly the beginning. I too have trouble making the shift. I love your reminders to yourself. Happy first days of school.

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