Last of the Season

The boat sat quietly in the morning air, tied to its dock, waiting for it’s final crossing of the lake for the summer season. 


The sun hadn’t quite appeared in the sky yet the clouds reflected gently upon the still waters.  The scene was somber given the fact that it would be the last time this year I would look out my window to peer upon the aqua blue boat.  It was only 24 hours ago that I enjoyed the last ride of the season… 


Good morning friend. Want to join us for an early morning breakfast cruise on board our boat? It will be the last trip of the season as we are getting the boat picked up tomorrow.

I read the text from my dear friends and neighbors that came beeping through my cell phone yesterday morning prior to eating my breakfast. The sun was already shining warm and bright, a September bonus and a perfect day for a float on the lake. Despite my sadness thinking about the end of the season, I replied with a quick YES!

An hour later we boarded the boat and pushed off from the dock. By now the air was warming up and sweatshirts were shed to enjoy the Sunday sunshine. img_4050We found a spot to float in the middle of the lake, sipped our hot coffees, and nibbled on yogurt and fruit parfaits. It was rather dreamy bobbing on the water, chatting about the perfect ten of an day with wonderful friends.  Time stood still for our morning sail. None of us wanted to mention the dreaded fact that this was the last of the season, we simply floated and ignored the inevitable.  

As we disembarked the boat we knew we weren’t simply leaving the boat, we were saying goodbye to another summer.  A summer that included many fun memories of floating with family and friends, times of laughter on the water, and maybe even a few adult beverages mixed in. 

Goodbye summer of 2019.  You will be missed.


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I Love Google Calendars

I ❤️ google calendars.

I can color code my appointments, hide certain calendars, and even share other calendars with others for ease of scheduling. It’s almost magical… until…

Something doesn’t sync.

And then it’s two hours of google searching to find out why. Trying out this solution and that solution. Closing out the app and trying again. Reading some more. Shutting down your phone and saying a little prayer that it will all work. And even searching yet even more for another solution. Until finally you find that little checkbox hidden away that once checked makes all things right again.

I ❤️ google calendars!

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Night Before Jitters

It’s the night before the students arrive back to school and I’ve got the jitters. After so many years as an educator you’d think I’d be immune to first day excitement and anxiety, but that is not the case. I’ll probably have my typical pre-school nightmare of either missing the bus, or forgetting my locker combination, making me wake extra sweaty and in a tizzy. And I’ll open my eyes at the crack of dawn even before my alarm sounds for the first time in 2 months.

Yes, the anxieties of school starting is ever present despite not having my own class. I have spent countless hours reading and learning and hitting the refresh button over the summer months, and now it’s time to set the wheels in motion. My energy and passion are primed and I have great hopes for a year filled with high expectations, engaged readers and writers, and joyful classrooms!

All I need is a good nights sleep. Here’s hoping!

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