I Love Google Calendars

I ❤️ google calendars.

I can color code my appointments, hide certain calendars, and even share other calendars with others for ease of scheduling. It’s almost magical… until…

Something doesn’t sync.

And then it’s two hours of google searching to find out why. Trying out this solution and that solution. Closing out the app and trying again. Reading some more. Shutting down your phone and saying a little prayer that it will all work. And even searching yet even more for another solution. Until finally you find that little checkbox hidden away that once checked makes all things right again.

I ❤️ google calendars!

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers and sharing my slice of life story. Won’t you join in?

8 Replies to “I Love Google Calendars”

  1. I keep Google Calendar for home and work. I love it, except when I go to my beautician. She has her shop in her basement, and for some reason, when I plug in my hair appointments while I am there, they never save. They are always gone by the time I get home. Other than that strange little glitch, it always work well.

  2. I LOVE google calendar – I was an early adopter and have never had problems. Except … for some reason I can see my friend’s calendar. We have no idea why, but I love teasing her about knowing what she is up to!

  3. Imagine this stack of days:
    layered and layered upon
    the endless ways we keep
    our lives bound together,
    the thin threads of
    knitted hours:
    first broken, then repaired,
    then empowered

    — a poem as comment, and: sometimes the tiniest buttons are the ones we need to push


    1. Kevin – your poems always inspire me. I had wanted to make this post into a poem – maybe it will happen.
      I am especially enthralled with your words of wisdom – sometimes the tiniest buttons are the ones we need to push! I needed to hear that today.

  4. Sometimes we all have a love-hate relationship with google, I think. Yes, it’s made life more efficient in a lot of ways, but YES, it can send me over the top when I can’t find something. And then you find out it’s just because of a simple seeming checkbox!!! Yes– tools are great and can be frustrating too!!!

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