Falling into Books

“Books fall open, you fall in.” David McCord

I’ve fallen into a new book habit, audio books.  Currently, I am listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama.  Listening to the author read her own words has brought a greater depth of story than if I had read it silently on my own.  The bonus is that I don’t need another monthly subscription, instead I am downloading books from my public library. 

This auditory experience surprises me, the visual learner.  The experience of listening to the author sharing her story has forced me to work on my listening abilities, a skill I can always work on.

Listening to books during my morning and afternoon commute has another side benefit in that it has taken me away from the stress of daily news reports.  I find I enter my day with a lightness that the news zapped from me.  Yes, I need to stay informed, however I do not need to listen to the news with such intensity.  My news habit was becoming unhealthy for me and I craved balance.

Yes, my new routine has me “falling into books” in a novel way.  I am left wondering who else might benefit from this practice?



It’s Slice of Life Tuesday and I’m writing alongside the great community of writers at Two Writing Teachers.  Thanks to all who join in and support me and all those who share.


5 Replies to “Falling into Books”

  1. I discovered the audio books through my local library app this past summer. Like you said, they make the commute to and from work more pleasant. Audio books have rekindled my voracious reading habit!

    1. After enjoying so many wonderful books this summer I needed to find a way to continue reading during the school year. So pleased I’ve been able to continue my habits while commuting.

  2. I listen to audio books all the time. I have Becoming but I haven’t listened to it yet. I have only gotten books from Audible, but I will be sure to check out what my local library has. Thanks for the tip.

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