A 2″ x 5″ Problem

Poster? Check

Markers? Check

Data sheets? Check




Oh no! Did I leave my phone in the car again?  I quickly ran out to my car to check.  Not there.  Yikes. I walked back in to the building and combed through my jacket pockets, my backpack, and my lunch bag.  No luck.  Could I have possibly left it on my desk in the other building?  I had left in a hurry to get to this meeting so that was a good possibility.  The question hung in the air leaving me feeling quite unsettled.  With the meeting beginning in two minutes I had to make the difficult decision to let go of my missing phone problem and focus on my meeting.  

One hour later…

I hopped in my car and zoomed back across town.  While I was driving all I could dwell on was all I use my phone for, from calling home, to morning wake up alarm, to my daily calendar.  What would I do if my phone wasn’t found? I tried to push that thought from my mind, hoping and praying that my phone would be found sitting on my desk. I arrived at my office and sure enough, there sat my phone.  Emergency avoided.  Breathing again I wondered how a little 2″ x 5″ box could cause such a commotion on a Tuesday afternoon.

image-9It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers.  Won’t you take a peek and consider joining in on the writing fun?

3 Replies to “A 2″ x 5″ Problem”

  1. Oh, we’ve all been there. It’s so hard when we have to postpone the panic until after other obligations are met. So glad your emergency was avoided and your phone was found. A blessing indeed.

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