Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is impossible

So states the trainer of the fitness class I attend every Tuesday and Thursday morning.  As someone who rarely worked out prior to this class, I couldn’t believe the words he uttered at every class for the five months since I began. They were empty words spoken to me as I struggled with keeping up with the flow and intensity of the workout.

Five months later I am a believer… nothing is impossible, especially when you are are guided into believing in yourself and motivated to persist in the work. I find myself still toiling with keeping up with the class but there is a sense that I am growing and slowly improving. I can sense a shift in my mindset and realize that if I do believe, nothing will be impossible.

Nothing is impossible.

How many of our classrooms are set up with the mindset of nothing is impossible? Classrooms where students are encouraged to persist and believe. Places where students are guided into the hard work of learning and growing, knowing that the work will pay off.  The words of my trainer are ringing in my ears.

Nothing is impossible.

Today I am realizing that these are wise words for the gym, and for the classroom.


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Great Blue Heron

I stopped by the kindergarten classroom to briefly chat with a teacher.  The students were already in jackets and boots ready to head outside when I heard a little voice say: 

I like your sweatshirt

I was wearing a grey knit dress that to a 5 year old may have looked like a sweatshirt.  On this cold October day it did feel as cozy as a sweatshirt so I took it as a compliment, much like anything a kindergartner might say to you! She looked up at me in awe as I responded with my thank you. She then replied

You look like a great blue heron.

I chuckled as she ran out the door eagerly awaiting recess.

The teacher caught up with me and I stood on one leg and asked her if I look like a heron.  The teacher was puzzled by my question until I relayed the heron story to her.  We laughed together as I stood in the hallway telling her that I much prefer being thought of as a heron compared to what I was once called in high school, a daddy long leg! Oh the joys of being tall and long legged! I think there is a poem hiding in this story somewhere!


It’s Tuesday and I am joining the wonderful writing community fostered by the great folks at Two Writing Teachers.  Check it out and join in the writing fun!