Take a Hike

The forecast called for a warm rainy day so I begin to plan for a Saturday focused on cleaning and putting away the last of the Christmas decorations. But when the weathermen changed their outlook to 65 degrees and sunny, my to dos changed as well. Warmth such as this is unheard of in January in Massachusetts so one must act accordingly. I chose to take a hike.

My yes to hiking was a tentative decision due to the fact that I was still stuffy and recovering from a minor cold, but I couldn’t say no to the 7.8 mile lakefront loop trail on the rare winter weather day. My decision was rewarded with so much in the way of sights and sounds.

Tiny chunks of ice clinking together sounding like wind chimes in the breeze. Rocks sweating with the earth warming beneath it’s feet. Ice crystals flashing their brilliance in the warm sun, blinding us with their magnificence. Sun shining across the sky, rays reaching and warming our skin, spurning us forward.

Ahhh… yes! It was a delightful day. The dust bunnies can wait another week!