Looking Up or Writing Down

Ever get so focused on something you lose sight of an even more important something? Well that nearly happened to me yesterday. I have been participating in the #100daysofnotebooking challenge since January 1st, writing daily in a notebook since the new year began. I prefer to write in the early morning hours before I head out for work, often times after reading a short reflective passage. I love how I can dump my thoughts, concerns, and joys onto paper each morning, often leaving me free to move forward with the day.

Yesterday was no different, with my head down intent on capturing my thoughts on a quote I had just read. When I emerged from my writing zone and lifted my head I noticed a pink glow in the room. I turned to look out the window just in time to capture a beautiful sky glowing pink and reflecting its splendor onto the frozen lake. I almost missed this glorious display of patterns and hues all because I was intent on staying focused on my writing.

Sometimes looking up is more important that writing it down!

I am posting along with the wonderfully supportive community over at Two Writing Teachers. Take a peek and consider joining in the writing fun!

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