Finding Kindness in Unlikely Places

I was called to action last week on my early morning drive to work. As I sat at the traffic signal waiting for the light to change to green, rather impatiently I might add, a car drove by with a license plate that caught my eye.

I did a double take to make sure I was reading that correctly. Yes, it read RUKIND. I wondered for a moment who would have this license plate, but then I quickly drifted to a more profound question: Is this some kind of message meant for me today? I wondered some more.

Am I kind?

Do I choose kindness daily?

As I was churning these thoughts around in my mind, I vowed that today I would work on being extra kind. We all need added kindness the week leading up to vacation and I was determined to increase the kindness in my daily duties.

My thoughts were noble, that was until less than two minutes after making these “mind plans” my car was assaulted with a chunk of flying snow from a truck that had just passed me on the highway. SPLAT! I shouted to myself: “Hey… don’t you know it is now a state law that you are responsible for clearing the snow from your roof?” No sooner had those thoughts left my lips that the license plate came flashing back into my conscience. Oops… RUKIND? Try, try, try again!

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers and I’m joining in the writing fun. Take a peek and consider adding your voice

7 Replies to “Finding Kindness in Unlikely Places”

  1. Who would have thought that a license plate could nudge thinking and contribute to slice writing. This message would be great in many places besides the car.

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