3-2-1 Blastoff

We put our bags down by the pool, greased up our winter white skin with sunscreen and walked over to the deck that was our perch for watching the launch. It was our first morning on the coast of Florida and as luck would have it Space X cancelled launch for the previous day was now happening in 10 minutes! We were surprised to see that the deck was filled with other curious onlookers. We found a spot with a clear view and waited while enjoying the warm sun and cool ocean breezes.

Questions and comments filled the air and surrounded us as we waited. “Where should we look?” “Have you seen this before?” “What’s the mission of this flight?” “I never understand why we watch. It’s always underwhelming!”

My daughter stood next to me watching the live feed on her phone so we knew when to look for the streak. She counted down the final seconds: 3-2-1 blastoff. A moment later and we heard multitudes of voices shouting “There it is!” I saw a silver flash shine briefly then hide behind the clouds. Again, I spotted another quick shine of light only for it to disappear. And then suddenly in the clear and distant blue skies there appear a streak of golden light racing upwards in the horizon. A plume of white smoke following behind. The chatter changed to excited squeals and delightful ahhhs!

Capturing the plume after the rocket launch

The crowd watched until the rocket disappeared into the heavens and then quickly dissipated settling back into their beach chairs and morning routines. The chatter as we left our perch was joyful and lively, knowing we had witnessed some little part of space history. And quite possibly a bucket list item crossed off our lists.

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers by adding my slice of life story. Consider joining in the writing fun!

7 Replies to “3-2-1 Blastoff”

  1. Yeah, that IS a bucket list item. Holy smokes! I’m certainly envious of this incredible experience.

    I would love to use your piece as one of the BE INSPIRED pieces for the early part of the March SOLSC. If that’d be okay with you, would you please get back to me this week via email? Just send me a YES along with the permalink to this post. THANKS!

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