Your Flight Has Been Delayed

The email arrived early Sunday morning: “Flight number XXX has been delayed four hours. Departure time is now 3:47pm. Please arrive at your regular scheduled departure time in case the delay changes. Thank you.”

“What?” I screamed! Go to the airportk at 10am in case the now delayed flight moves back from 3:47 to 11:47am? That sounds ludicrous. Especially seeing that the sun was now shining and the thermometer poolside was inching closer to a perfect 70 degrees. I looked at my daughter and shrugged my shoulders. I told her either way I’d be tense, sitting poolside wondering if we made a mistake and quite possibly missing our flight home, or sitting in a drab airport waiting for the mistake to be corrected. She agreed and off we went to the airport.

11am – delayed

12 noon – delayed 5 hours to 4:47

1pm – delayed

2pm – delayed

3pm – still delayed

4pm – scheduled departure 4:47 confirmed.

So glad we were there to wait it out! On a positive note, at least now I am half-way through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers for their weekly slice of life postings. Take a peek and consider joining in!

3 Replies to “Your Flight Has Been Delayed”

  1. Love how you made the best of it with a book. That is how I deal with delays. Everyone around me is yelling, making calls, complaining and I am happily lost in a book. Glad you are home safely.

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