Day 1 of the Challenge: Focus #SOL20 #OLW Day 1/31


Copy post – change the number

Copy post – change the number

Copy post – change the number, only 26 to go

As I sat down to prepare my templates for my fifth March Slice of Life Story Challenge, I started to think of all I had to do. The mindless task of copying and pasting had me concerning myself with the to do list that was swirling around in the background: School tasks, home chores, and family obligations. I wondered if I was crazy to continuing with the challenge one day in. It was then that I recalled my one little word…focus.

I can do this. I need to keep my eye on the prize! For me one of the prizes of participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge is the gift of living with eyes wide open. By the end of the month I see the world around me in snippets of wonder. I marvel at the laughter of children in the cafeteria, the visit of a student to my office delivering an empty box of chocolates, and the glory of a sunrise on my lake. The challenge also provides me with the prize of being part of a wonderful writing community. I get to reconnect with people across the globe who value writing, who struggle to get that just right ending, or find the perfect describing word, and I get to peek further into the hearts of friends from afar. Finally I get the prize of growing as a teacher of writing. Much like my students, I know I will struggle with organizing my thoughts. I will need to stay focused with my short amounts of time to write. I will draft that just right ending for the story. All of these skills will help me to empathize with my students and make me be a better teacher of writers.

Focusing on these prizes has me excited about beginning again. Yes, I will need to stay focused, AND the rewards will far outweigh the late nights, and early morning typing hours! I am grateful I had this extra leap day to prepare my blog, my brain, and most especially my heart!

Happy Slicing!



7 Replies to “Day 1 of the Challenge: Focus #SOL20 #OLW Day 1/31”

  1. What is this copy/paste preparation … I don’t do that! There are so many prizes! Do you think we can pull off actually meeting in person this year!!??

    1. Clare – I use copy and paste to make 31 blank posts. I make one post with the slice logo and a short blurb, then I copy that blog post and name, making 31 drafts. Not sure if it saves time, but at least the basics are done everyday.
      YES! we must get together. I will email you.

  2. I was copying last night too! haha Trying to get a little ahead just in case life gets crazy. I didn’t realize I could do that for years though. The things you learn year after year….glad we are all back!

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