Post Reading Glow #SOL20 Day 6/31

I’ve got a post reading glow. What’s a post reading glow you ask? You know, it’s that feeling you get after reading a fabulous book, one that is so good you don’t want it to end. And this time I got it so bad that I am even finding it difficult to focus enough to be able to write.

The characters are swirling around in my head almost as if they have become my best friends. I want to ask them all sorts of questions. Why did you do that? How did you deal with all of that? Why didn’t you do that sooner? The author wrote crafted such well developed characters that it was easy for me to put myself into the shoes of the main characters and ask these questions. I simply don’t want to say good bye to these new friends.

My post reading glow might last another day or two until I dare pick up another book and feel ready to risk getting caught up in another set of character’s lives. Until then, I will relish the memories of new friends made in the pages of a book.


I am excited to be writing daily in the March Slice of Life Challenge as hosted by Two Writing Teachers. This marks the fifth year I have participated in the 31 day challenge, writing and sharing a blog post each day.  I look forward to the growth in noticing the small moments in my life and capturing them on my blog.  I know I will be a better teacher of writers because of this work. 

22 Replies to “Post Reading Glow #SOL20 Day 6/31”

  1. So glad I found the title in the comments – I was yelling at you from over here in Newton — what book was it??? I too loved that book! I am totally going to steal post-reading glow!

  2. I feel the same way when reading a good book with characters that are well developed. I miss my friends when the book ends and it takes me some time to get into a new one. But, I never forget certain characters who live within me! Is’n’t writing amazing?

  3. I’ve never heard this term but I like it! I don’t read very much fiction but when I do latch onto a good story, I do have a special appreciation for a world in which that kind of deep identification is possible.

  4. The post reading glow gives me all the feels. It’s a shared reading experience we book lovers understand. I do, however, so want to know what book is making you glow. I’m nosy like that!

      1. The author is from Idaho, my state. I’ve had that book on my shelf for months. I better get it read soon!

  5. I always told my students that the mark of a really good book for me was if I wondered what the characters were doing when I wasn’t reading. Sounds like this is one of those for you! I love that feeling!

  6. Post reading glow is a fabulous term and you’ve captured the feeling perfectly. I totally get it. And now I want to know the title of the book that left you so enthralled.

    1. I wasn’t sure I wanted to add that in to the actual post because I wanted the words to be more universal. But since you asked… Where the Crawdads Sing!

  7. I also understand the post reading glow! I’m thinking The Book Thief, Mink River, The Solace of Leaving Early. That’s why, despite the large stack of unfinished books on my nightstand, I visited your blog for your recommendation…🤔 You must tell!

  8. Isn’t it so true that when a book is really good, you miss the characters? And sometimes you don’t even want to bond with a new one for a little while. I completely understand your post reading glow.

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