Sitting in a Giant Circle #SOL20 Day 21/31

I am excited to be writing daily in the March Slice of Life Challenge as hosted by Two Writing Teachers. This marks the fifth year I have participated in the 31 day challenge, writing and sharing a blog post each day.  I look forward to the growth in noticing the small moments in my life and capturing them on my blog.  I know I will be a better teacher of writers because of this work. 

Sitting in a Giant Circle

The announcement came across our neighborhood Facebook page:

How could we not consider this invite on a Friday afternoon with a rare and amazing 70 degrees day?

The walk around the neighborhood morphed into a very large circle of neighbors sitting in beach chairs, listening to music, and enjoying a Friday afternoon beverage together. Yes, we kept our distance with our circle of chairs spread apart much greater than the suggested 6 feet.

We enjoyed greetings and meetings, laughter and tears. The hour easily turned into two and then three hours. And when the raindrops fell we were graced with a rainbow spread bright across the sky. A sign perhaps that we will adapt and get through these ever changing times.

3 Replies to “Sitting in a Giant Circle #SOL20 Day 21/31”

  1. What an absolutely beautiful invitation and experience!! The implications of this pandemic will reach far into the future. And while the danger is real and the costs are real, like this glimpse you have shared today, I cannot help but think that there will be some positive outcomes that remain as a result of this collective experience as well. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Despite commenting from my WordPress account, I am slicing here:

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