It’s Her Birthday! #SOL20 Day 29/31

It’s Her Birthday

It’s hard for me to think that four years ago we were sitting in your living room waiting for the news. Girl? Boy? We didn’t know. We only knew that the first grand baby on both sides would be loved unconditionally.

I still recall the joy in the phone call announcing her arrival, healthy, and long! No surprise since mom and dad are both taller than 5’11”. We loved her name, her smile, her very long toes. Gosh we loved everything about this new little girl that was gracing our world.

Four years old! She is becoming her own little self. She loves to draw along with Mo, write in my journal, and listen to read alouds in my lap. She is creative, and kind, and a lover of the outdoors. She is a caring big sister and enjoys being the oldest cousin of the four. Some even say she likes being the queen bee, others say the princess. I just say she is sassy and fun and full of life!

Oh M! I love you! Happy birthday dear girl. We will celebrate properly soon!

Silly girl with ski goggles and pjs

I am excited to be writing daily in the March Slice of Life Challenge as hosted by Two Writing Teachers. This marks the fifth year I have participated in the 31 day challenge, writing and sharing a blog post each day.  I look forward to the growth in noticing the small moments in my life and capturing them on my blog.  I know I will be a better teacher of writers because of this work. 

7 Replies to “It’s Her Birthday! #SOL20 Day 29/31”

  1. First grandbabies have such a special place in everyone’s heart in the family. It is great that you captured her personality in this moment in time in writing.

  2. Happy Birthday!!
    I especially like how you added details about her arrival, the first grandbaby. Then now 4 years later, you added details of all she likes to do and how now she is the oldest of many grandbabies. So much happened in 4 years!! So glad you also documented this. She will enjoy reading it today and years to come.

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