Violet Picking Tips

“They are junk”

I could never figure out why my dad declared violets as junk when I saw such beauty and delight in the purple and white blossoms. Despite his declaration I’d run around the yard picking them to gift my mom. I knew she appreciated the joy of the blossoms sitting in a tiny vase on the kitchen windowsill.

There is a knack to picking violets you know. They have rather long stems but you have to lean in low and reach in deep to get to the base. Once you find the base you need to grab the bottom ever so slightly and pull the step away from the plant. The long stems will do well sitting deep in a small vase of water. I discovered this trick after many tries at putting stubbing stems into a vase only to have them wilt for lack of water within hours.

The other trick I discovered to picking violets was to get out early in the day. You may ask why do you need to get out early? Well, the dreaded lawnmower visited our yard in the hot afternoon sun. And goodness knows dad, who declared the spring blossom a nuisance, would swiftly steal away any color from our lawn.

Hurry now, for the time is right to pick those purple and white beauties to grace your dinner tables and windowsills. We all need some spring joy in our lives about now!

These violets appeared in a crack on the patio. I love how the colors sit against the gray of the rock wall. Their presence inspired me to recall the memories of violet picking as a child.

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14 Replies to “Violet Picking Tips”

  1. This was very refreshing to read and I did learn how to pick and prolong the life of violets. Ok, I’ll confess right here that I didn’t even know those pretty purple flowers were violets. Now I’ll be on the lookout for them. 🙂

  2. Ironically, when I was in my daughter’s yard last week, I noticed tons of violets beneath her tree. She stooped to pick a few. Just then, I spotted poison ivy and gave a screech. She went in to wash her hands. I’ll share this with her so she can sift the good from the bad here. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Ruth. My dad has been gone yet I still hear his voice calling out “junk”.
      It amazes me he’s actually say that because he was such a lover of nature.

  3. oh – I have not picked violets in a long time! I noticed I have a few white and purple ones that are very lovely this year. I may have to go out and pick a few today!

  4. I, too, love violets, but my husband shares your Dad’s opinion of them. You are right, we do need cheering up. I may just pick some today.

  5. I have never lived in a place where violets grow so rampantly. They look beautiful, this little snippet on your patio. It reminded me of a story…I grew up in California, and spent $25 at the LA flower market for a small sprig of lilies of the valley for my wedding hair. Then in a couple of years, I moved to Iowa, where these sweet little bell flowers grew recklessly under our outdoor water tap. I would sit sometimes and just stare at them.

    1. Lily of the valleys are another memory producer – having grown up with fields of the fragrant blossoms at my grandmothers house! I bet they were worth the $25 though! I’d pay that for the memory alone.

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