Plants are the New Toilet Paper

Where I live, the end of May signifies the start of planting season. It’s deemed safe to put annuals and tender vegetables into the ground without worrying about frost or freeze. I love this time of year with all the hard work cleaning and prepping of my yard and gardens. Gardening provides me with time to think and to be. It’s my food for the soul.

I made plans to get my plants on Saturday at a small-town garden shop that I frequent each year. I can always count on the inventory there to suit my needs for the color palette I am planning for the year. I donned my mask and gloves, chose a quiet time of day, and drove up the road.

As I pulled into the drive I could see the stark front to the building. Everything looked drab and gray without the dozens of pots and hangers of every color and variety that typically hang there. The shop looked naked without the usual plants: plants that love sun, plants that love shade, plants that are multicolored, and plants that always make me drool well beyond my budget. All I saw were empty hooks and shelves. As I poked around the corner I spotted a few skimpy looking common plants, definitely none of my favorites.

I walked to the side of the yard where I saw the owner. “Jeff,” I asked, “What’s up? Where’s all your stock?” “Everyone is into gardening this year and the inventory can’t keep up with the demand… Plants are the new toilet paper!” he replied.

I chuckled at the joke and turned to walk back to my car, realizing the sad reality of not planting this weekend. And then it hit me! Yikes I’m running low on toilet paper too! No plants and no toilet paper. What a double whammy!

14 Replies to “Plants are the New Toilet Paper”

  1. It is true. Have you tried Fran’s Flowers in Framingham? I love him and he has plenty without long lines. They are doing a great job with masks and social distancing. Hang in there!

  2. Confession: When I first read your title, I worried that plants were literally becoming the new toilet paper. You know, like corncobs of old, in outhouses – YIKES. What a relief that’s not the case – but who’d have thought that so many people would return to gardening? There’s certainly something very positive in it – we were meant to live closer to the earth than we do now. I also heard that so many people have taken up bicycling during this pandemic that bicycles are now in short supply! Strange times – frustrating when demand makes things scarce, but what healthy choices. That’s encouraging. Here’s to you obtaining your plants an TP SOON!

    1. No thank you on the corncobs! Just recently my grandson told me his tp is softer than mine!
      I’m heading out early tomorrow morning right after the delivery truck rolls in! Insiders tip!

  3. This made me laugh. For two weeks, when I have gone to my local grocery store, the peanut butter shelf has been empty. All jars, all brands, all sizes – except for the smallest jar of store brand. PB is our new TP.

  4. We attempted to grow some flowers from seeds. Turns out we have a lot to learn about growing plants. Out vegetable seeds are doing a lot better. I hope you find your plants soon!

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