Bubble Joy

My love of blowing bubbles goes way back. It may have started with my aunt who made sure every vacation included a new jar of bubbles and a variety of wands. Goodness knows my family couldn’t afford even that treat. We relied on diluted dish soap and pipe cleaners or twisted wire we found laying around the house. The jarred variety seemed like such a luxury. My bubble loving was further reinforced when on a lonely day a few years back I happened upon a car surrounded with bubbles. As I inched closer I realized that the driver was holding a bubble wand out her window leaving a trail of opalescent globes behind and a smile on my lips. I lovingly refer to this mystery woman as my bubble angel and I vowed to spread additional joy with bubbles.

Having grandchildren it is easy to share bubble joy. Watching the delight of a toddler chasing bubbles across the yard is priceless. And when the jar tips over and the bubbles are gone, I see it as my job to replenish. But not with any old bubble solution, rather one that bears bubbles galore, that shimmer and shine, and float high above the clouds. I recall a visiting scientist using a recipe with dish soap and glycerin to make the best bubbles, so I began my quest for a similar recipe. One hour later, and a quick order to an online provider I have all the ingredients on the way to make the best bubbles the world has ever seen.

The ingredients arrive a few days later and I quickly get to work mixing and stirring, so that when the grandchildren arrive the solution will be ready. The babies are barely at the door when I mention the concoction. We head down to the back yard and pour the liquid into the trays. The bubbles are HUGE! And the bubbles soar HIGH! This is not your average watered down bubble mix that I used as a child, no this is the mix of champions!

We spend the next hour blowing and chasing and popping and of course giggling. Isn’t that what bubbles are for? We have found the perfect mix of ingredients and the perfect mix of fun. Bubble joy has arrived!

I am joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers today, sharing this slice of life story. Check it out and consider joining in the fun.

5 Replies to “Bubble Joy”

  1. Bubble-blowing is one of my granddaughter’s favorite activities – wrote a poem about it in the March SOL Challenge. There’s just something so innocent and pure about it – and hopeful, in the beautiful iridescence of the bubbles themselves. Maybe I think too much in metaphor but it seems to me that bubbles are like the pure, innocent, fleeting nature of childhood … and, oh, yes, the simple joy of it! Speaking of which: No one loves bubbles better than my son’s Pit Bull mix, Henry – he chases every one, jumping, trying to catch them, and has managed several times to flop right down on his back in the effort. He does not rest until he gets them or they float beyond his reach!

  2. Precious moments. Your post took me back to 2017. I was in my daughter’s house in Germany. her daughter was born in November. One day my grandson and I went with my son-in-law to Heidelberg. On on the old streets, we were fascinated to see a young man blowing huge bubbles and my grandson ran after them. I watched with love 🙂

  3. I love the idea of “bubble joy.” Who doesn’t enjoy creating bubbles? Recipes aren’t just for cooking!

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