Following My Ears, and Stomach, and Heart

I spent the morning washing windows and had just sat down when I heard the familiar calliope sound of the ice cream truck. I had planned to make myself a salad for an early dinner, but the call of the truck was tempting me. And then my daughter appears asking “Ice cream for dinner?”

It was summer after all and my plans tend to be a little less rigid. Besides washing those windows was tough work and I deserved a little treat. I decided to give in to my ice cream weakness and grabbed my wallet and mask and ran out to the road to greet the smiling college driver, who was probably wondering where our little kids were.

Little did he know they were standing right there in front of him ordering ice cream treats for their dinner from a truck on a sticky summer day. Yes, I followed my ears, stomach and heart with that purchase of a Dove bar on a stick! And am I glad I did!

It’s Tuesday and I’m adding my slice of life story to the writing community blog page over at Two Writing Teachers. Won’t you join in too?

5 Replies to “Following My Ears, and Stomach, and Heart”

  1. Your story reminds me of a lovely fourth grade teacher with whom I worked during my first years in the classroom. She had grown up in a very strict household–certainly never any dessert for dinner. She vowed to be different when she had her own family, and did so–they had ice cream for dinner every Friday night.

  2. Ice cream for dinner is my all time favorite! I’m so glad you gave in to the lure of the ice cream truck and enjoyed well-deserved treats with your daughter. PS. Kudos on the window washing!

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