What’s In Your Camera Roll?

Do you have a picture of a car in a lake on your camera roll? Well I do. Actually I have about a dozen different pictures of this car on my phone, second in popularity only to my grandchildren. Weird I know, but this car intrigues me. Each time I see the blue-green car drive down the boat ramp and splash into the waters I take note, usually with a pause and a quick picture. A smile quickly comes to my face and a whimsical and nostalgic feeling takes me away momentarily as it passes by my house. My children have certainly grown weary of my calls shouting “The amphicar is in the lake again. Quick look!” But I never tire of seeing the beautiful retro turquoise vehicle putter by the house.

According to that trusted source Wikipedia, these amphibious vehicles were first made in Germany and then appeared in the United States at the New York Auto Show in 1961 at a cost of around $3000. A popular model, the Amphicar 770 was named for the 7 mph speed on water and 70 mph speed on land. According to a few online articles, apparently I am not the only one amused by this vehicle. President Lyndon Johnson surprised guests at his Texas ranch by going for a ride in his amphicar and driving right into the lake without their knowledge of the car being amphibious. Even Pepsi wanted you to “Come Alive” and join in the Pepsi Generation by drinking their beverage while splashing into the water in an amphicar!

Given that there are only 600 amphicars in existence today, I feel rather lucky that I get to see one on a regular basis. That is probably why my camera roll is filling up with pictures of this oddity. Maybe someday I’ll get a picture taken while riding inside the beauty. One can only dream!

I am joining the Slice of Life Writing Community today over at Two Writing Teachers. Won’t you consider joining in?

9 Replies to “What’s In Your Camera Roll?”

  1. Do you know what I though of when I saw the photo?? Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang! Haven’t thought of that magical car in years! You are right, the color is beautiful.I can’t help being amused by childlike glee of your grown kids when they see it on the lake. Some things we never outgrow! Such a fascinating & educational post, Christine – I hope you do get to take an amphicar ride. How fun!

  2. This is a great summer post. And I think your post would be lacking without that image; it’s a perfect way to start the piece. Thank you for sharing your writing about this kinds of cars.

  3. How interesting and exciting to see a car sailing by. To show you where my mind is I just pictured someone having one too many, not knowing these exist, and seeing one for the first time. A new pink elephant.

  4. Christine, that is fascinating! I really have never seen or heard about this before. I know about Duck Boats, but that’s all. I didn’t know about this cute little invention of the 60’s and I’ve never seen one. I enjoyed watching the Pepsi commercial at your link. I can just about picture your weary children rolling their eyes at your exuberance about the amphicar. This is a very fun post!

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