Cold Remedy

After months of practicing it was decided that today was the big day! A case of the sniffles kept my oldest grandson home from school so his dad decided that after nap time a trip to my lake house for some one-on-one fishing time was in order.

The four grandchildren, all under five, had been practicing their casting far and wide, sometimes too wide. They had become quite adept at pressing the right buttons at the right time, and reeling in their lines to begin the process over and again. For all of our safety, and unbeknownst to them, the hooks had been removed from the lines. Being preschoolers, they didn’t quite understand that hooks were a necessity for catching a fish. It didn’t matter to them, because despite those hook-less lines, their giggles of delight kept us all smiling and safe! In all honesty we weren’t sure how the four would react to the sight of a wiggling fish at the end of a line.

But today was the day that a hook would be added!

I think we can call the day successful with four fish caught – and released – despite having the sniffles!

It’s Tuesday and I am sharing my slice of life writing with the community over at Two Writing Teachers. I am so grateful for the support of this writing community. Check it out!

5 Replies to “Cold Remedy”

  1. A day like this is a remedy for anything! The glee in your words is palpable (I can see those wiggly, giggly, preschoolers) and the beautiful watercolor sets it off perfectly. Thank you for adding this brightness to my day.

  2. I am overwhelmed with joy reading your post since I’ve had a strong hand in teaching all four of my grandchildren to fish…and am glad you were there for ‘the first catch’. And I love your abstract photo. Did you do that with an app or program? Hope you are sniffle free soon! 🙂

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