Nosy Neighbor?

I really don’t consider myself a nosy neighbor but when you peek out the window to the dock on the easement next door and notice a high school neighbor setting up a blanket at 7 o’clock in the morning you take notice. I was intrigued, not nosy, right?

In the far corner sat two soft coolers. He placed one cooler on the right side of the blanket and the other cooler on the left side of the blanket. In the middle he placed a large bouquet of white roses wrapped in paper. He stood up and surveyed the scene, picked up one of the bags and moved it to the right side of the blanket so that both were close to his side. He checked his watch and peered down the path towards the road. Was his guest late? He looked at the set up again, rearranged the layout once more, and then began unpacking the bags: plates, napkins, silver. This kid had gone all out to impress someone. He positioned each item carefully and strategically in the middle of the blanket. I could sense his anxiety and his nervous anticipation from afar as he fiddled once again with the set-up. Of course I continued to watch.

He stood again, looking at his watch, then gazed down at the picnic area, up the path, fidgeting and re-adjusting the little niceties he brought along. Another check of his watch, and the path, and a peek into his bags, possibly to ensure nothing was forgotten. The tension drew me in so yes, I continued to watch.

He looked up the path towards the road again, except this time I saw a smile cross his face. He picked up the roses and waited at the end of the dock for his guest to join him for his lavish breakfast. I noticed her step onto the dock and accept the flowers gracefully from him. They sat and chat as he gingerly removed the feast from his cooler one item at a time. It was a lavish spread and my mouth watered as I ate my cereal. And yes, I continued to watch while they enjoyed their morning feast on a beautiful summer morning on the lake.

I am not so certain what her reaction to this whole event was, as her back was towards me. I only hope his extensive efforts didn’t go unnoticed. Actually his efforts didn’t go unnoticed because I for one was impressed with his attention to detail and his desire to impress. I smiled most of the day thinking about this teenager’s obvious planning and his desire to bring joy to a friend.

So… maybe I am a nosy neighbor. I was entranced and did watch this sweet event for a full 45 minutes. But wouldn’t you?

It’s Tuesday! That means I am joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers with my slice of life story. Take a peek and consider joining on.

5 Replies to “Nosy Neighbor?”

  1. That was really sweet and a great thing to hear that people Can still find a way to be romantic during these crazy times. Now I asked for the nosy versus intrigued… I definitely would’ve watched until they sit down — but that’s when I would have given them so privacy — I think. Lol 😉

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