One Little Word Revisited

It’s September 1st! Time to revisit my OLW for 2020 – a year dedicated to Focus-ing!

When I chose this word in January, retirement was a glimmer in the distant future. Fast forward to today when I can officially call myself a retiree. I reflect on the fact that this is the first time in twenty-five years I haven’t been in a school building to greet students. Time to focus indeed!

With the guidance and blessings of my family, I decided to step back for a few months and spend my fall days creating a plan for how I will best share my literacy knowledge. I know I have much to share and I want to stay engaged in guiding other educators in their literacy learning. There is so much to consider and I judge my possibilities are endless.

My one little word, focus, will continue to guide my thinking in the days ahead as I seek clarity and vision for the remainder of the year and well into 2021! I think I feel a new word rumbling around for 2021 already!

It’s Tuesday and I am once again joining the blogging / writing community over at Two Writing Teachers. I am forever grateful for the support of this group of writing teachers! Won’t you join in?

16 Replies to “One Little Word Revisited”

  1. Congratulations! Retiring from teaching doesn’t really ‘kick in’ until the opening of the next school year when you don’t report. Even though you celebrated in the spring, do something for yourself to celebrate retiring as the new school year begins…and enjoy focusing on yourself! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! A teacher doesn’t feel truly retired, I would think, until that first day of school goes by and you get to sleep in a bit! Thanks for continuing to participate in our writing community so we can live vicariously and get tips for our own productive retirement. And thanks, too, for the reminder to ponder our own OLW; I confess that it took me a second or two to actually remember mine!

  3. Hey – congratulations! I love the little stick figures in your drawing. 🙂 I hope you can fully embrace your retirement and that 2021 does bring a whole new year of goodness. 2020 has just been too much! Have fun on your journey.

  4. Congratulations on retirement. Mine began one year ago today, and I share your goal of supporting education even as a retiree. It’s not always easy to focus, so that’s an excellent OLW.

  5. Congratulations on the retirement! What an interesting chapter of your life begins. The OLW is helpful to not get lost in the opportunities and freedom.

  6. Hi, Christine. Congratulations on your retirement. I can certainly identify with your feelings. This is the fourth year I’ve not returned and I still miss it. My life is super busy, but I’m still striving for ways to continue to use my knowledge, experience and love of literacy. You are wise to step back and give yourself time to reflect. It helps! Best of luck…let’s keep in touch.

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