Quaranteam Memories

We came together more often
partly because there was no where else to go,
but mostly because we wanted to be together
we were a quaranteam after all.
And who wouldn’t want to gather at the lake each weekend?

There was nothing to rush to,
so we took our time to be together,
and simply be,
to enjoy this precious time,
given to us as a gift,
to cherish and treasure.

The cousins swam together
splashing and jumping
and jumping some more,
each day getting stronger and braver.
Challenging each other to reach higher and farther,
with belly flops, twisted hops, and cannonballs galore,
swimming until the skin wrinkles were deeper than the lake itself.

Games and crafts for preschoolers and adults alike,
red light, green light,
whiffle ball and hide and seek too.
Coloring scenes and painting rocks,
and playing endless board games like
Candyland and our new favorite, Outbreak.

Lakeside proved to be a great place to learn about nature.
Osprey diving for fish carrying away head first,
swan dipping their necks and showing their tail feathers,
searching for turtles sunning on nearby rocks
and if we were lucky catching a glimpse of the eagle landing on the rocks.

We spent some time working together too:
Installing a stone patio,
assembling a raised garden,
planting seedlings and seeds,
piecing together dining benches
and repairing warped railings,
They called it their “keep”
I considered it a blessing.

We made sure we moved everyday
dancing to the upbeat tunes of Hamilton,
riding our bikes around the block,
hiking up the nearby trails,
and kayaking and paddle-boarding across the waves.

Mealtime meant all hands on deck
whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Sometimes we were a little extravagant with steamed lobsters and corn on the cob,
and other times simple with peanut butter and jelly with chips.
It didn’t matter what we ate,
as long as we started with grace and included loads of laughter.

Bedtimes were pushed back a bit for us all
making sure we included time to watch the lake change
from blue to pink to gold as the sunset,
jammie time, and reading our old and new favorite stories
before tucking in to bed.

Sunday afternoon became battle time.
Wails began with “I want to stay for ever”
and “just a few more minutes please”
echoing across the yard.
Bribes of just four more days and you’ll be back would begin
as car seats were snapped into place.

And when Monday morning came,
and there were glasses to wash,
and dishes to be put away,
and books to be placed back on the shelves,
I would smile at the laughter and memories made,
count my blessings,
and make plans for the next weekend together.

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3 Replies to “Quaranteam Memories”

  1. Such wonderful moments together. My husband’s uncle and aunt and their family live near Toranto. They have a cottage near a lake and the family spends time together. Aunt Ellen sends photos. Your post reminded me of her, thank you.

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