Around the Fire

We sat mesmerized by the magic of the campfire enjoying the warmth of the flames at a campground over the weekend. With our four year old granddaughter Maddie not quite ready for bed we decided to tell stories, round robin style. My son started with a line about a little girl named Maddie, and her pet eagle named Peggy (she’s a big Hamilton music fan). The tales told spun around the family circle with each of us adding to the amazing adventures of a girl and her pet bird.

When one story ended, another began, each story more magical and enchanting than the last. The stories and the characters brought smiles and delight to us all as we tested the limits of our imaginations. Surprisingly, our four year old added much to the story line when it came to her turn to add to the drama. Her ability to follow along and add to the adventure was amazing, each time surprising me and the rest of the family with her few lines added to the plot.

We spun the tales for over an hour or maybe even longer as we were so engaged in the fun that we simply lost track of time. Time stands still when enjoying the simple pleasures of “spinning yarns” with family.

It’s Tuesday and I am joining the wonderful writing community over at Two Writing Teachers. Won’t you come along?

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