A Snake in the Lake?

“Look Bebe. A snake!”

We were on out on our pedalboat near the rock island on our lake when my grandson shouted about his discovery. There are a few water snakes in our lake so I wasn’t surprised, but the thought of encountering one up close and personal while on the boat was not comforting to me. I had instant visions of the slithering creature sliding onto the boat with my two grandsons and daughter. I looked around hoping he was seeing things and was relieved that all I saw was a piece of long grassy weed.

“No, Sam. That’s just a grassy weed.”

“Mom, look again. Look at that rock!”

My daughter was now pointing to a nearby spot. I looked tentatively among the many rocks surrounding us expecting to see a long slithery animal easing its way closer when I spotted it. The carcass was laying across the rock looking prehistoric and petrified. The head bore a resemblance to a mini-crocodile with its teeth snarling and dangerous looking. I assumed it was the remains of the eagle’s lunch that I observed on that same spot last week. I was in awe looking at the bones of the aquatic animal that was previously swimming in the waters outside my home.

We sat transfixed on the spot looking at the finding. It was all so fascinating and yet scary at the same time. My later research found that the species was none other than a pickerel which apparently is quite common in our lake. My eyes saw anything but common rather I was fascinated with the remains of some long lost lake creature, possibly our own little Nessie or Champ.

We eventually paddled back to dry land yet the image of that carcass stayed fresh in my mind. While I was grateful for not having to fight off a snake that afternoon, seeing the size of the bones and the ugly teeth of the fish, I am now a little more leery to want to dip my toes in our waters. Hopefully the memory will dull with swimming season behind us and summer time a long way away.

It’s Tuesday and I am joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers for a little slice of life writing. Join us!

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