Congratulations! You are the Winner!

It’s for you!

My daughter shouted as she shut the front door and entered the living room carrying a package. I thought I had just heard the familiar thumping of the delivery man’s feet stomping up the front steps and was about to get up but she was faster getting to the door. My mind quickly reviewed any expected deliveries and came up empty, so this package was indeed a surprise.

Look mom, it’s hand addressed so it is a surprise!

She said this knowing that most of the packages we receive these days most likely come from Amazon bearing needed household supplies that allow us to visit stores less frequently. Their boxes hold labels that are autogenerated and contents barely protected. This package was different for sure. My name and address was written out by hand in perfect printing, and the box was sealed and looking rather fancy with duct tape lining all the edges. I judged it was wrapped with sincerity. As the box sat on my lap awaiting to be opened I admired the parcel and the care taken to ensure the contents arrive unharmed.

I recognized the name on the return label and recalled entering a contest promoting a new children’s book by this illustrator. I had registered so long ago that I failed to remember what prizes were being offered. My daughter sat nearby awaiting the big reveal. She watched with eager anticipation, a welcome mid day relief for the both of us. I joked over the fact that it is hard to rip open a present quickly when someone is watching! I could have used scissors to cut open the box, but there was something satisfying about using my hands to conquer the tape on this present.

A few minutes later and success was finally reached. The first thing I noticed was a carefully written note congratulating me on winning the prize for the new book promotion. The handwriting was so artistic and beautiful that I wanted to sit and admire it for a while. Underneath was a gift bag containing bubble wrap and several tissue paper wrapped items including a bottle of fancy bubbles, a rubber ducky, a tub book, a small puzzle made from a page from the new book, and a ribbon ensconced package of beautiful handmade note cards. I sat and admired each little surprise and soaking in the care that went into creating this package. I was left feeling a great sense of contentment.

I arranged the items carefully back in the box, and left it in the living room where I could admire it throughout the day. Each time I walked past the box I smiled at my winnings. It was a joyful surprise adding warmth to a cold wintery Monday!

Can you guess what book was being promoted?

Yes, It’s Off to See the Sea, a new book by Nikki Grimes and Elizabeth Zunon. A delightful story of bath time fun! Lok at that joyful baby face in the tub!

It’s Tuesday and I’m sharing my post today with the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers. Take a peek and consider joining in.

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