Where We Bid Frosty Adieu

The state of Frosty last Tuesday, February 16, 2012

We pick up the story where we left off last week with Frosty slowly melting on our dock. He has been a good and faithful companion during these snowy pandemic days of February, and a delight to observe as the sun beats down and the temperatures rise and fall. But as we faced the inevitable demise of Frosty an idea popped into my head.

A contest! Let’s guess when Frosty will fall.

I know, it may sound rather odd to guess when this ill-fated snow-being will tumble and fall but this is what it’s come to with lack of social contact and our typical means of fun. I quickly penned a text to the family chain telling them of my offer.

Place your bets – when will Frosty fall? Or will he? Winner gets a batch of our family favorite butterball cookies.

The times trickled in throughout the day

Frosty sat rather content on the dock from Wednesday until Saturday when the sun came out in full force early in the morning. I started to notice he was beginning to lilt to the right, and was actually lifting off the ground by about 6 inches on his bottom left. I texted the family and noted that today may be the day. I began taking pictures to document the event.

At 9:44 I texted the family to say that he was leaning even more to the right. My son got very excited as he started to think abut his butterball winnings.

At 9:53am I heard a very loud bang. Looking up I saw that Frosty had completely tipped over on his side. I notified the family and could almost hear Jon’s screams of delight from 60 miles away.

While some disgruntled family members cried foul and claimed photoshopped pictures, my son focused on making sure the cookie delivery would happen sooner rather than later. We settled on making the trip up on Sunday afternoon and combining it with an outdoor visit while sledding with the grandkids. So it looks like we had winners all around. My son and his family won the cookies and I got an unexpected outdoor visit with the grandchildren! As well as a few leftover cookies while baking.

The progression of Frosty’s downfall


My daughter did lift Frosty up Saturday afternoon. He was a rather large chunk of solid ice. His head has since melted off and today’s 45 degree temperatures will surely do him in! Thank you again Frosty for providing a distraction from these grey pandemic days.

I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers with my Tuesday slice of life story post today. Please consider joining in!

9 Replies to “Where We Bid Frosty Adieu”

    1. He is completely gone now. And interestingly my neighbor told me yesterday that her dog was barking at his presence daily! He certainly left a mark in our hearts.

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