Little Birdie on My Shoulder #SOL21 Day 3/31

I noticed the yaktrax sitting on the floor while I was getting dressed to head out on the trail. I don’t think I need them today as I think the snow is soft and not so icy today. But the little birdie on my shoulder persisted telling me to put them on. I chose not to listen thinking that the little cleats would just get in the way, and I didn’t want to risk losing them in the snow. The little birdie on my shoulder chirped again. Are you sure you want to go out without them? I opened the door and headed out with just the boots on my feet.

The trail was certainly softer than the day prior thanks to a few warm days and nights. I headed easily down the path and started down the hill towards the little bridge.

Wooosh… down I went, sliding all the way on my bottom to the base of the bridge. Fortunately the snow was soft and the only thing I bruised was my ego. I stood up and looked around to see if anyone was nearby. I was relieved to see no one in sight until I started walking and looked back to notice sitting right there on my shoulder that little birdie saying, I told you to wear those little yaktrax!

Throughout the month of March I will be participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge with the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers. Each day I will post a draft of a story detailing a small snippet from my life. This will be my sixth year participating, and each year I marvel at all the small moments I would have missed in my life if not for this challenge. I am grateful to Stacey Shubitz, Betsy Hubbard, Beth Moore, Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, Melanie Meehan, and Amy Ellerman for hosting this wonderful event!

6 Replies to “Little Birdie on My Shoulder #SOL21 Day 3/31”

  1. I loved this story. My slice for tomorrow is also about ignoring my intuition. I am glad to hear that only your ego was injured. I must admit that I chuckled when I read that you checked to make sure that no one saw. So relatable…

    1. Yes. I need to listen to this more often because typically I do not and then trouble ensues. This time was a silly little slip but it made me think

  2. I definitely do! My husband has even noticed that I have a “sense” about things! Yesterday, I got up and listened to a little birdy on my shoulder tell me to look one more time for open vaccine appointments for my parents who live in NYS (I live in Wisconsin). Lo and behold – there were enough available spots for me to schedule both their first and second doses! This has not happened since I started looking six weeks ago! (They are in their 80’s). Let’s thank our little birdy’s! On another note, I’m glad you weren’t hurt and just a bit embarrassed and bruised! ~Carol~

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