Welcome Back Birds #SOL21 Day 4/31

Welcome Back Birds

I was gifted with a small bird feeder for my birthday last month and I finally got around to hanging it on my tree. Ever since the squirrel incident of “aught-19” I have been afraid to hang feeders on the trees for fear of another invasion. But I missed my fine feathered friends so I decided to take a chance. Beside, I just had to use this gift!

It’s been about a week since I hung the suet cakes and the birds have finally reappeared. I’ve seen those harbingers of spring, robins, the upside down climber, the nuthatch, downy woodpeckers tapping their way along the bark, and my favorite bluebirds.

As I sit at my desk working I can look out of the window to admire and observe. I notice them chirping, flitting, nibbling, and I think even smiling. Possibly saying thanks for feeding me again.

Throughout the month of March I will be participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge with the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers. Each day I will post a draft of a story detailing a small snippet from my life. This will be my sixth year participating, and each year I marvel at all the small moments I would have missed in my life if not for this challenge. I am grateful to Stacey Shubitz, Betsy Hubbard, Beth Moore, Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, Melanie Meehan, and Amy Ellerman for hosting this wonderful event!

8 Replies to “Welcome Back Birds #SOL21 Day 4/31”

  1. I love the picture…and the bit of information about your bird feeding hiatus gave the piece a depth. Set it in a moment.

    The whole thing gave me hope for Spring.

  2. There is something SO soothing about watching birds. My husband and I literally watched a mating pair of bluebirds ‘condo’ shop around our tractor…she- flitting from one spot to another peeking around, then a chirp, then he would pop over and look…this went on for a half hour! Hysterical. Thanks for your photo conjuring up that memory! 🙂

  3. Your post is filled with great vocabulary – the specific names of birds and the action words. So glad you added a photo, too! It also reminds me to go refill my feeder! Thanks.

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