Bikes, and Swings, and All Things Spring #SOL21 Day 22/31

Spring means bikes rides and ice cream and all things outdoors so it was fitting that the first full day of spring included all of the above! The weather was predicted to be sunny and bright so we made plans to meet up at the trail head for a bike ride with the kids. The “new to me” bikes were pulled out of the cars with adjustments made on the spot to the training wheels and helmets.

Our route was three miles down and back with a seaside playground at the turnaround point and an outdoor lunch stop at the end. Our expectations for any of the 3, 4, or 5 year olds to pedal the entire route were low, figuring with six adults at the ready there was plenty of manpower to walk and carry the discarded bikes back. And seeing that this was the first trip on their bikes with training wheels we might not even get out of the parking lot. Off we went, pedaling and guiding the little ones down the path.

Stay to the side

Keep pedaling

Press down to stop

Pull up your mask

Be careful of others on the path

They all got in a groove and biked away like they had been doing this for years. Up over the hills, past the sculptures, through the old granite train tunnel, beyond the boats and inlet, across the wooden bridge, right to the playground, with barely a scrape. Even after pedaling a mile and a half the kids still had the energy to play and slide and swing away the morning.

We returned to the bikes with a few grumbles knowing that lunch was at the end. The outdoor restaurant was on the route and as we biked closer we noticed all the picnic tables were full despite just opening. With four hungry kids we quickly made plans to run to the grocery store to pick up grill fixings and head to the nearest home for an impromptu picnic.

Kids playing in the yard, adults catching up at the picnic table, and ice cream being consumed all made for a perfect ending to a family spring day! Oh and naps and early bedtimes for all of course!

Throughout the month of March I will be participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge with the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers. Each day I will post a draft of a story detailing a small snippet from my life. This will be my sixth year participating, and each year I marvel at all the small moments I would have missed in my life if not for this challenge. I am grateful to Stacey Shubitz, Betsy Hubbard, Beth Moore, Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski, Melanie Meehan, and Amy Ellerman for hosting this wonderful event!

8 Replies to “Bikes, and Swings, and All Things Spring #SOL21 Day 22/31”

  1. Christine, what a fun day! I couldn’t help but think maybe there was going to be some drama. However, if the full restaurant was the worst thing that happened in this delightful day, I think all is well! It sounds like a wonderful way to start spring.

    1. Well with four under five there usually is some sort of drama. That day the only drama was the I don’t want to leave tantrums as the parents attempted getting the kids in the car to go home!

  2. Spring! Yay! It’s so nice to finally feel the hope of spring. Your day sounds delightful. The description of the ride made me feel like I was right there with you.

  3. Sometimes I fantasize living in a place where I don’t have to live through winter, but then I wouldn’t appreciate the joy in this post as much. It sounds like a day to remember and cherish!

    1. Thank you Melanie. You mirrored our comments where we wished all year could be this nice – but would we appreciate the days like yesterday? And the kids were perfect too! We all needed to get out and be together – even if masked!

  4. This sounds like a near perfect first day of spring. So glad your young ones took to the bikes and had a great day.

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