Spaghetti: Day 6/30 #NationalPoetryMonth #SOL21

Today I am writing a slice of life post in the form of a poem, a Tanka to be exact. Yes, it’s National Poetry Month and I am thinking back to a memory of eating a big bowl of spaghetti while in Italy years ago! I found out the hard way it was a BIG faux pas to cut your pasta with a knife, as I was trying not to get the sauce on my shirt. I was quickly chastised by the waiter who eagerly modeled how to spin and twirl my pasta noodles. Never again will I slice through spaghetti.

I am joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers for their slice of life Tuesday posts. Why not check it out and consider joining in.

10 Replies to “Spaghetti: Day 6/30 #NationalPoetryMonth #SOL21”

  1. Now I want to eat pasta! We don’t really cut Chinese noodles, but that’s because, well, chopsticks. I wonder if there’s a “rule” since noodles are supposed to symbolize long life. At least I’ll be sure to not cut when in Italy!

    1. If you are craving pasta do NOT watch Stanley Tuccis Italy. That yummy show is how this memory came back to me! Talk about craving!
      I love your wondering about long noodles and long life!

  2. Once I learned that cutting pasta wasn’t a thing, I tried to get really good at twirling it on my spoon. I’ve had several years to practice and I’ve gotten rather good at it. BUT, every now and then, I do take out a knife to cut my pasta. Shhh! Don’t tell!

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