Alone: Day 19/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

I saw the scene playing out last Saturday and I immediately started to wonder what she was thinking. I couldn’t get over her sitting alone in that large church. The words alone kept screaming out at me. As a widow myself, I couldn’t help but think about her new status and what her future life will hold for her alone.

Little Daffy: Day 17/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

One thing that starts to happen after writing poetry every day is that you see things as a poem – sometimes rhyming as you walk. I went out to get the mail and saw this lonely daffodil bent over in the snow – looking low. I ran in the house, quickly put down the mail, and starting penning this little ditty. When I went to title it the words little daffy came to me and I had to chuckle when I realized the words were a pun also referring to the crazy late winter weather!

NB: I know that too’d is not a real contraction but writing “I too would” didn’t have the same rhythm. Poetic license I guess.

It’s Snow Mistake: Day 16/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

The weathermen have been excitedly forecasting the possibility of snow all week long. When I went to bed last night we were expecting a coating to an inch of snow. Waking to see the change in the accumulation as noted in this report I was surprised. While snow in April isn’t strange in New England this amount would be a weather event for sure. Still hoping the report is in error! At least I got a poem out of it!

Hope: Day 15/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

Hope is my One Little Word (OLW) for 2021. It was chosen back in December as I considered one word to guide my days in the new year. The word kept popping up all over the place and was speaking to me to be adopted. I haven’t thought much about this word lately until yesterday when I was searching for a topic to write about. As I searched last year’s poems I noted that I had written a poem about my word for 2020, so I began considering a poem about hope.

Coincidentally, I noticed that a few writing friends were writing about hope yesterday. They were writing as part of #verselove 2021 as inspired on the Ethical ELA site. I went down that rabbit hole for a while looking at the beautiful poems written about HOPE! The poet of the day challenged us to consider and write about what is hope. And so today’s poem.

Laptop Miracles: Day 14/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

I am writing my first acrostic of the month. I thought I needed something simple to write after my laptop fell to the floor this morning! Turns out writing an acrostic isn’t that simple. And neither is fixing a broken computer, but I found a wonderful repairman today who went out of his way to put everything aside and fix my laptop. He said he loved the challenge!

Weekend at Bebe’s: Day 13/30 #NationalPoetryMonth #SOL21

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers for their weekly slice of life sharing. Because it’s National Poetry Month, I’m using poetry to share my slice of life story.

This past weekend I enjoyed a fun yet exhausting weekend babysitting two of my four grandchildren. We spent most of the weekend outside in 70 degree weather, quite unusual for New England in early April. I chose to write a skinny poem to capture all the fun. A skinny poem is eleven lines long with the first and last line using the same words but can be rearranged. The second, sixth, and tenth line repeats.

The Awakening: Day 12/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

I literally popped opened my eyes this morning to see my bedroom was awash in an orange glow. I jumped up quickly to capture a quick picture before the sky turned back to morning grays. It was as if I had been tapped on the shoulder so I wouldn’t miss this glorious beginning to the day!

Sunday: Day 11/30 #NationalPoetryMonth

A busy weekend left me feeling tired yet grateful for a Sunday afternoon to refresh the batteries. When it came time for writing today’s poem I turned to a well known format, the cinquain, but with a twist. This specific format counts syllables in a line in lieu of words.