Train Rumblings

Her house sat on a small dead end road
With a backyard as narrow as can be
If you stood on that small lot of land
and stretched your 12 year old arms
one finger tip would touch the house
and the other would reach the sooty wall
The wall that held up the train tracks twenty feet above your head
The train that rumbled all hours of the day
And night
Banging and clanking at the switching yard just beyond your view
The commotion shaking the entire house
And bringing fright to all
Thinking the rattling would tumble down the old family homestead
Instead a highway came through forcing eviction to the home where the family was born and raised
The home that held one tiny bathroom for eleven kids and a mom and dad
with a ceiling so low one had to duck to get in the tub
Four small bedrooms with windows darkened with train smoke
And a creaky dark staircase

But the parties!

Jammed in tight with all of the cousins and aunts and uncles
Candy jars filled with chocolates
and ribbon candy and pink pillows filled with peanut butter
Music playing loudly on the 8 track drowning out the chugging
And occasionally an uncle or an aunt leading us all in a chorus of the family’s favorite tunes
Oh Danny Boy
My Best to You
Or a popular musical hit
Memories of a small house that may have shaken endlessly
Only to have been brought down with a single strike of a wrecking ball
But still oozing with love
And memories to last a lifetime

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers with my slice of life story. Won’t you consider joining in?

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