Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The news broke a few years ago that the minor league ball team was building a new stadium and moving to the city near us. Cheers of excitement ensued as the up and coming city hosted contests to name the new team. And the frenzy grew as the park listed the area restaurants and breweries that would be featured at the stadium. Needless to say we were all looking forward to bringing the grandchildren to this kid friendly park on Sunday!

The hype began at the parking lot with an electric shuttle cart arriving just as we were crawling out of the car dressed on the new WooSox hats. The boys looked at the vehicle with trepidation but once we boarded they were thrilled riding in the cart speeding down the city street and dropping us off at the gate. The magic continued with the first glance of the field as it was being groomed by the crew. “Wow!” was all they could say.

Walking through the ballpark to find our space we meet up with the team mascot Smiley, a nod to the Worcester born creator of the original smile face from 1965. Handshakes and photos ensued as the smiles grew and the thrill of the day sunk in for the boys.

And then the announcement… “Play Ball!”

The sound of first crack of the bat!

The bags of salted peanuts!

Number one foam fingers waved.

What more could a two preschoolers and their grandmother ask for!

It’s Tuesday and I am joining the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers for their weekly Slice of Life share. Won’t you join in too?

3 Replies to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

  1. Oh, just one more thing…a nap on the way home. So precious. What a great name! Woo Sox for a farm team of the Sox. I love it. (I remembered how to pronounce your city too, so it made sense.) Nice, Christine.

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