The Gift of Song

The printing was clearly hers
Song titles in a list
Lyrics perfectly scribed 
On scraps of paper
Found in a box on a rainy Sunday

The tidbits of paper 
capturing many a program for
Patients in a hospital 
Patrons at a piano bar
Or judges at a show

Newspaper clippings tumble out too
Of contests won and prizes received
An alligator purse
costume jewelry
silk nylons 
And other long lost trinkets

Certificates from Veteran Affairs 
for her service entertaining troops
and veterans in hospitals
Congratulations given
Paper reward for gifts from the heart

I see her now 
standing tall 
With her eyes
 twinkling in love
For her husband and her family 
And most of all for her love of singing
Her gift to the world

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Engineering Gene

My kids always claim their Dad had the engineering gene. I quickly jump in defending my abilities in finding creative solutions to problems around the house. My latest invention is one I am quite proud of.

Living on a lake is lovely. Beautiful sunrises, cool breezes and wildlife galore. But when a family of a dozen geese decide to meander onto your lawn each morning to nibble and dump, you need to get creative. All the while being conscious of not spoiling your view. Last year I noticed that the geese are more apt to saunter on the lawn when the water reaches a certain height. The gate that blocks the stairwell no longer keeps them at bay. My careful observations found that the high water allowed them to hop up onto the lawn from the lake. Side note: I am not certain why they don’t land on the lawn, but I am grateful for that. So Amazon to the rescue with a short green fencing that I can pop into the grass without stress. It worked. Until this year.

The geese are getting daring and are now swimming through the gate at the stairwell and knocking it over. They then jump clumsily up to the area next to the grass. How cunning this family is. We placed the paddleboard over the stairwell to stop their entrance but how ugly was that! So Sunday I was bound and determined to make something work.

With the help of my daughter we placed a few PVC pipes across the staircase thinking it would be less of an eyesore. Our concern was they would be too light to stop them and would probably blow over or be nudged by our dear friends. So I decided to take a piece of metal gate and wove it through the piping. Brilliant!

Not that pretty, but it works!

The stairwell is now blocked enough so that the geese can’t get to the grass, and weaving the metal fencing back and forth allowed for fewer gaps for them to swim through. My engineering prowess shone through again! And once more I can remind my kids of MY ability to engineer some superb solutions to household problems.

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the folks over at Two Writing Teachers with my small moments post. Check it out!