The Gift of Song

The printing was clearly hers
Song titles in a list
Lyrics perfectly scribed 
On scraps of paper
Found in a box on a rainy Sunday

The tidbits of paper 
capturing many a program for
Patients in a hospital 
Patrons at a piano bar
Or judges at a show

Newspaper clippings tumble out too
Of contests won and prizes received
An alligator purse
costume jewelry
silk nylons 
And other long lost trinkets

Certificates from Veteran Affairs 
for her service entertaining troops
and veterans in hospitals
Congratulations given
Paper reward for gifts from the heart

I see her now 
standing tall 
With her eyes
 twinkling in love
For her husband and her family 
And most of all for her love of singing
Her gift to the world

It’s Tuesday and I’m sharing my small moment post with the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers. Check it out!

2 Replies to “The Gift of Song”

  1. Nice, good memories. Wasn’t it wonderful that your mom and dad enjoyed this together…..

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