Palindrome Poem for 2-22-22

A few years ago I was inspired to write a poem after seeing a beautiful sunrise from my bedroom window. The reflection of the clouds on the lake spoke to me, as if begging for the words to be crafted into some sort of poetic form. I thought it fitting to attempt a palindrome poem to mirror the reflective nature of the scene. It wasn’t quite as easy to write as I thought, but once completed I was pleased with the results. (Read here)

Every year I participate in a fundraiser for a local nonprofit where one re-imagines a painters palette. I have entered this contest quite a number of times. Each year I work hard to bring my creative side forward yet each year I am thrilled with the results. Read about my previous submissions here, here, here, and here.

This year I thought I’d like to combine a painting with one of my poems. The palindrome poem came to mind. I re-worked a few of the words and added a new dimension to the poem, a mirror. I cut the palette in half, painted the sunrise scene on one half of the board, applied some sticky reflective paper to the base, printed the poem upside down and backwards, and then glued the L-brackets to the two halves to create the perfect reflective angle. It took some effort – and trial and error – to make it work and I am pleased with the results.

Today, in honor of the perfect palindrome of a day, I present my completed palette to you, ready to be delivered to the gallery for the opening night’s display!


Words of Wisdom

Coming in from the cold and

Struggling to untie the laces

I was tempted to simply slip them off

until I heard a voice

ringing in my ears

“You’ll ruin your shoes”

“Untie them you loo-loo!”

The sound was clear and stern and loud,

yet loving.

So I stopped


and carefully,

and dutifully,

untied those laces.

Photo by Wallace Chuck on