I’m a Poet

It’s the final day of National Poetry Month and I celebrated by drafting a poem each day. I took my inspiration from a variety of wonderful mentors over at Ethical ELA. I have grown immensely through their guidance and comments on my words. Today’s draft poem pays tribute to my growth.

I’m a Poet

You say I am a poet
Poet you say - I am

A Poem Can

It’s National Poetry Month and I’m celebrating by drafting a poem each day. Today’s I’m inspired by Glenda Funk and her interpretation of Darius Daughtry’s poem “what can a poem do”.

A poem can’t 
hold my hand
fix my dinner
take a walk
sing our song
or hold our first grand-baby

a poem can
awaken the memory
of when we danced
until we collapsed
in each other’s arms
giggling over toes
stepped on
and dance steps

A poem can
share the ache
that hangs
in the air
when I see
other couples
holding hands
walking down
the lane
and easy

A poem can
dream of
our many
near and far
new lands and
natural wonders

A poem can
bubble up
and release
the sorrows
the missed opportunities
the laughter
the pain
the joys

and share
them with

By My Self-Love

It’s day 28 of National Poetry Month and I’ve drafted a poem each day to celebrate! Once again I’m drawing inspiration from the poets over at Ethical ELA. Today Jessica Wiley has us on a journey of Self-Love using a template inspired by Eloise Greenfield’s poem By Myself.

When I’m by myself
And I close my eyes

I’m a springtime robin
I’m a dress made of cotton

I’m fresh mown grass
I’m a mountain pass

I’m a gentle wind chime
I’m a pie of key lime

I’m surrounded with love
like a well-worn glove

I’m whatever I want to be
An anything I care to be
And when I open my eyes
What I care to be
Is me


In celebration of National Poetry Month I am drafting a poem a day. Today I draw my inspiration from Shaun Ingalls over at Ethical ELA, who suggests we re-encounter something in our life and let it inspire our writing. This week I am finally meeting colleagues I’ve only been with online. It’s great to finally see and be with these people outside of a zoom box.


We’ve spent
hours talking
seeking advice
on a device
far away
never touching
tinny voice

sometimes only
thumbed in
on a screen
in bubbles
of green

your presence
a glamour shot
taken years ago
a snap shot
of you
or who you want
to be

or a box
of you
on the screen
you and
200 other guests
from afar

In person
you are taller
smile more
laugh more readily
and your hug
says hello
so glad
to finally

Escape: A Found Poem

It’s National Poetry Month and I’m celebrating by drafting a poem each day. Today I was inspired by Amy Vetter’s challenge to write a found poem condensing any text into a poetic form. I chose my words from a Twitter feed I was reading on new research on the male orb-weaving spider (Philoponella) that captures how the jumping spider escapes a cannibalistic death by its female mate.


Jumpy male spiders
avoid certain death
catapulting away
with gusto
making a bid
for freedom

The prospect of
being eaten
after sex
is enough
to make

A Suitable Home

It’s National Poetry Month and I’m celebrating by drafting a poem a day. Today my inspiration comes from poet Linda Mitchell, challenging us to use the scientific method as a starting point for our poem. I chose to write about the silly mourning doves who attempted to nest on our porch fan.

A Suitable Home

The brown porch fan
provides shelter
from rain and sun

Is this the best place
to raise a family?

Sitting atop the blades
building a nest
stick by stick

along comes a breeze

Egg crashing to the ground

Another chance
you try again
less fuss
and smaller nest

along comes a breeze

Egg crashing to the ground

Coo-cooing at the corner beam
of our log cabin home
The scratching sound ensues
Tap, tapping on the
wooden ledge
I think you’ve found
a suitable


April is National Poetry Month and I am celebrating by writing a draft of a poem each day. I have been following along with the wonderful poets and inspirers over at Ethical ELA. Today I am penning a found poem based on annotations. My annotations come from the margins of the book Engaging Children by Ellin Keene.

Find your heart’s home
A place of peace
My heart’s home
Sunny day in the studio
Music playing in background
Nothing to rush back to
Loss of time
Engrossed in making
Senses awake
Light feeling
Wanting to do it again
for friends
Looking at things
in a new way
Oh boy! Oh boy!

Metaphor Dice Roll

It’s National Poetry Month and I’m drafting a poem each day to celebrate. I’m taking my chances today by rolling the online metaphor dice to inspire my poem. Thank you to Ethical ELA and Stefani Boutelier for this inspiration.

My Soul is an Unspoken Meadow

My soul is an unspoken meadow
full of possibilities
seeds lie in wait
for the perfect moment
to germinate


hoping for the
just right conditions
to burst free
and bloom

Cheesy Memories

Cheese please! Inspired to write about cheese today I went off on a journey of cheese memories and drafted a series of haikus to capture the joy!

Cheesy Memories

Parmesan offered
with balsamic oh so fine
gold on my palate

Bleu cheese with fig jam
served on assorted wafers
sweet and salty joy

“Tap tap” comes in cans
possibly processed plastic
grandchildren’s delight

Blends of cheese melted
creating mom’s pasta treat
comfort food delight

Cottage cheese breakfast
with pineapple and berries
awakening feast

Mozzarella pearls
highlight summer’s harvest picked
best from buffalo

My favorite cheese
produces smiles on faces
photographic bliss

Four O’Clock Walk

April is National Poetry Month and I’m celebrating by drafting a poem a day. Taking a walk is a break we often need to clear our head. Through the inspiration of the poets over at Ethical ELA, today I was invited to consider a walk I’ve taken. I stroll back in time to the afternoon walks taken with my husband.

Four O’Clock Walk

It’s a perfect day
For a four o’clock walk
I’ll meet you at home
He messaged at noon

Our four o’clock walks
Were a welcome break
A chance to leave work
An early escape

We’d meander through neighborhoods quiet and quaint
Up and down hills
Before rush hour buzz

The pace was brisk
We’d chat and chatter
And sometimes just listening
To our huffing and puffing

We planned and we schemed
To do lists and goals
Solved problems that lingered
And plagued us once more

We’d arrive back home
refreshed and renewed
Our four o’clock walks
Brought a welcome retreat