A Poem Can

It’s National Poetry Month and I’m celebrating by drafting a poem each day. Today’s I’m inspired by Glenda Funk and her interpretation of Darius Daughtry’s poem “what can a poem do”.

A poem can’t 
hold my hand
fix my dinner
take a walk
sing our song
or hold our first grand-baby

a poem can
awaken the memory
of when we danced
until we collapsed
in each other’s arms
giggling over toes
stepped on
and dance steps

A poem can
share the ache
that hangs
in the air
when I see
other couples
holding hands
walking down
the lane
and easy

A poem can
dream of
our many
near and far
new lands and
natural wonders

A poem can
bubble up
and release
the sorrows
the missed opportunities
the laughter
the pain
the joys

and share
them with

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