Things You Can Do With a Star

I am picking up my poetry pen as I join in the monthly Open Write session with the writing community at Ethical ELA. Today Allison Berryhill inspires us with the poem “Things You Can Do with an Orange” (by Ally Visser, first published in Lyrical Iowa 2017). So now it’s my turn to write a Things I Can Do poem…After spinning the wheel of words I was lucky to get the noun star. A star is born in the form of a poem below. (Pun intended)

Things You Can Do with a Star

You can make a wish
upon it - especially if it’s the
first one you see

Or watch it shoot across the sky
leaving its tail flash so brilliantly

You can sunbath in the
light of the biggest one - sun

Or aim your goals high
and reach for one

You can watch it twinkle
up above the world so high

Or dance with one on TV
in hopes you’ll win a prize

You can catch a falling one
saving in your pocket for a rainy day

Or you can fly to the moon with Frank and among them you can play

And when you’re ready…

You can sit back and consider they’re holes in the sky
where our loved ones peer down
gleaming and glistening so bright
letting us know they are around
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