Anagram Joy

I find great joy in writing and so when today’s Open Write inspiration came up I couldn’t help but choose a joyful topic – grandchildren. To add a bit of extra fun to our writing, our host Fran Haley, suggested we try examining our feelings / topic through the use of anagrams. I had fun using the anagram generator to guide the writing of this draft poem and while it makes little sense, the process was delightfully fun – just like my babies!


Drenching lard
(Kissing chunky cheeks)
Rich lend gland
(Even spit up smells sweet)
Darn herd cling
(Reaching up to take your hand)
Gild ranch nerd
(Golden moments just snuggling together)
Darling drench
(Oh those drooling kisses)
Children grand
(I wouldn’t want it any other way!)

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