S@#%* Day

Today my inspiration comes from Mo Daley over at Ethical ELA. She encourages us consider something on our mind and write using a Gogyoshi poem, a Japanese poem that consists of a title and five lines and no other rules! I found this form freeing today which I needed considering my upcoming procedure tomorrow.

S@#%*  Day

The day has arrived
Fretting amid the well made plans
Feeling empty and hungry
With diet of broth and pops
Per gastro-doctors orders

Spirited Dragonfly

It’s July Open Write time over at Ethical ELA and today I write with inspiration from Mo Daley. She encouraged us poets to consider a modern haiku with no syllable counting yet using words that juxtapose two images. I have an affinity towards dragonflies so when I saw this dangling dragonfly captured in a web yesterday and knew it needed to be captured in some sort of verse. Mo’s idea for a modern haiku came at just the right time.

Spirited dragonfly how you soar in the breeze
Dangling by a web you drag-on
Tethered and still able to fly
Guided by a spirit wind