Today is the final day of the September Open Write with the wonderful community at Ethical ELA. Our host for the day, Susan Ahlbrand, appropriately shared the lively tune of Earth Wind and Fire’s hit song September, and suggests we write a verse of any form inspired by one line. I chose the line “Holding hands with your heart to see you” to draft this nonet.

September’s cool nights and fresh, crisp days 
provide relief from August heat
Time for walks in apple fields
Holding hands with your heart
to see you again
while our golden

This But Not That: Marriage

It’s day four of Ethical ELAs Open Write and I’m joining in guided today by Susan Ahlbrand. Today we are inspired to consider an abstract word to define through a series of IS or IS NOTs. Susan included a list of abstract nouns to get us started and the word marriage popped out at me.

Marriage is not
a 50/50 proposition
Marriage is
giving your whole 100%

Marriage is not
saying you’re sorry
Marriage is
being able
to ask for
and receive forgiveness

Marriage is not simply
two people in love
Marriage is
a reflection
of God’s love
with his light guiding
every action

Marriage does not
end at death
Marriage does
continue on
until reunited
in heavenly bliss

Deye Mon, Gen Mon

Today is day two of Ethical ELA’s September Open Write. Denise Kreb is inspiring us to write a poem using multiple languages. I decided to center my poem around my visit to Haiti in 2018 choosing the Haitian phrase “Dèyè mòn gen mòn.” Dèyè mòn gen mòn” is the most common saying in Haiti. It means behind the mountain there are mountains. Many translate this to mean behind this difficulty there will be more and life is always full of trials.

Dèyè Mòn, Gen Mòn

We climb a treacherous
path to visit the peoples
of Bellevue
promises of arriving
at the top
around every corner
Dèyè mòn gen mòn

Overcome with intense
tropical heat
we stumble over rises
past the cow paths
with a few peeks of views
and peaks ahead
Dèyè mòn gen mòn

The delighted children
greet us as we neared
a crack of the machetes
open the just picked
providing refreshment
and relief
Dèyè mòn gen mòn

The elders arise
and translators explain
“we are tired and are sorry
we have not completed
the chapel you funded”
tears fall from the
leader’s eyes
Dèyè mòn gen mòn

We will overcome
our tiredness
and once again
carry block after
concrete block
up the mountain pass
to finish this
Dèyè mòn gen mòn

I sit in awe
tears welling up
These people of no means
yet determined
to building a house
of worship
50 pounds at a time
Dèyè mòn gen mòn

Not Quite an Ode to a Silly Possession

I’m joining in this month’s Open Write over at Ethical ELA. Today Denise Krebs encouraged us to write an ode, or other poetic form, inspired by a childhood love – It is National Play-Doh and Cinnamon Raisin Toast Day after all!

I’m not sure
how I came
to want you
quite possibly
a connection to
my love of the
TV show
The Flying Nun
but none-the-less
I asked for you
as a gift for
My First Communion
An extravagant ask
to my parents
of little means
You graced my bureau then,
as now,
a reminder of
silly wishes
childhood giggles
and my need to
hold on to things
that collect dust!

I Was Today Years Old…

Today is day five of Ethical ELA’s August Open Write. Today’s host, Scott McCloskey, is inspiring us to pen a free verse based on some new and cool fact, embracing our love of life long learning. My idea came to me over the airwaves this afternoon when I was fortunate to hear a sensational interview. I instantly knew I hit poetry gold!

I couldn’t believe my ears
While driving across town
The radio host was interviewing
the famous Nordic Thunder.

Who's he you ask?
Well don't you know?
He is THE world champion of
Air Guitar!

I listened intently to discover new facts
about the August event
Where adults compete "shamelessly
playing their invisible instruments."

They gather in Finland
for the renowned event
Proud of their slogan:
Make Air Not War

A quick glance at their website
will help you understand:
You can't hold a gun
while playing a guitar

They promise a week of hullabaloo
with room for everyone -
Just show up in a showy wardrobe
and bring along some flashy moves

I'm sure the contest is intense
with competition tight
And when it comes to awarding prizes
I wonder if the winner
will finally get a guitar?


I’m once again joining in Ethical ELAs monthly poetry open write. Breaking away from a long weekend away to have some fun with words. Gayle Sands is hosting today’s wordplay having us consider a few uncommon words from Merriam-Webster Webster’s list of uncommon words. I chose the word meldrop: A drop of mucus at the nose, whether produced by cold or otherwise.

Pesky irritating drip
That hangs…
on the tip
Like a little pendant
Hanging from the nostril
Growing larger
As the air grows
Trickling and tickling
Until finally
Gathering enough
To drop
On the laces
Of your ice skates.
Oh meldrop!

S@#%* Day

Today my inspiration comes from Mo Daley over at Ethical ELA. She encourages us consider something on our mind and write using a Gogyoshi poem, a Japanese poem that consists of a title and five lines and no other rules! I found this form freeing today which I needed considering my upcoming procedure tomorrow.

S@#%*  Day

The day has arrived
Fretting amid the well made plans
Feeling empty and hungry
With diet of broth and pops
Per gastro-doctors orders

Spirited Dragonfly

It’s July Open Write time over at Ethical ELA and today I write with inspiration from Mo Daley. She encouraged us poets to consider a modern haiku with no syllable counting yet using words that juxtapose two images. I have an affinity towards dragonflies so when I saw this dangling dragonfly captured in a web yesterday and knew it needed to be captured in some sort of verse. Mo’s idea for a modern haiku came at just the right time.

Spirited dragonfly how you soar in the breeze
Dangling by a web you drag-on
Tethered and still able to fly
Guided by a spirit wind

The Awakening

Fran Haley is guiding our writing on this final day of the June Open Write over at Ethical ELA. She challenges us to the syllables in our verses today. I had a few grandchildren sleepover last night so of course my words reflect their early morning antics.

The Awakening

Little boys waken
Not used to the chirps
Run to the window
To check out the view
Swan, duck and catbird
An octopus too
All before the six
On a summers morn
Early Morning Views